DUAL EXPERTISE: Dedicated producers create the best products

Dent-Well® has forged the way in its highly specialized expertise of both dentistry and turnkey Dent-Well suites for campus environments. Our focus has been clear from the beginning – QUALITY DENTISTRY, WITHOUT COMPROMISE. This focus has allowed us to hone our craft without distraction or change. The results are evident in the performance and quality of our Dent-Well platforms.

HISTORY: 30 years in the making!

The clinical roots of our company are based in 30 years of exemplary private dental practice. We leverage our celebrated history into a best-in-class quality assurance framework with an uncompromising focus on the patient experience.


We differ significantly from the typical dental service organization (DSO) because our core business objective is to align the interests of the provider, patient and payer. We use very specific internal and external accountability measures directed at population heath and productivity outcomes in a way that traditional fee-for-service dentistry models fall short.


Why the “Onsite Smile”?

Total health and dental care costs remain a complex problem burdening both patients and health and benefits specialists.

For years dentistry has been recognized as a core health service, yet bringing quality dentistry to the campus environment has been difficult to master in a manner widely celebrated by all stakeholders.

Dent-Well stepped into the marketplace to provide trusted dental expertise to historically intricate realm of healthcare. We exist to support the efforts of plan sponsors and the parties dedicated to ensuring complete and optimal population health outcomes. From implementation, to oversight, to tracking and quality assurance – our methodical approach ensures net savings without dramatic up-front or ongoing costs.