About Us: Who We Are

Quality Dentistry, Provided by Experts, At Your Fingertips

By design, Dent-Well® (Dent-Well) facilitates the implementation and operation of world-class Dent-Well platforms for large institutions. Our program specializes in the providing convenient dental care to otherwise robust campus health and wellness environments that may be missing this critical service.

As a groundbreaking Dental ACO (Accountable Care Organization), we partner with select providers, payers and stakeholders to round out the total health and wellness platform for institutional clients. We also provide support and administration for each expert dentist so that they can concentrate on what is most important: treating patients.

Dent-Well was founded with the philosophy of providing layered expertise and precise division of labor to the onsite health services space. Our Founders spearhead the dual expertise of superb clinical care and optimal population health outcomes.

Our company leadership and Board of Directors are composed of dentistry experts, high-level corporate executives, and veteran university trustees. Together they guide our custom platforms to ensure success for each individual client. We believe that substance matters most when it comes to bringing true value to the patient and all of the valuable stakeholders interested in their wellbeing.