Employer Solutions

Employer Services

Total health and dental care costs are burdensome to both employer and employee. Include the lost work hours per off-campus dental visit, and it only adds to the inefficiencies embedded the overall cost of quality healthcare. Our Dent-Well offices are a key solution for leading companies aimed at alleviating this problem.

The Dent-Well platform tracks utilization and treatment trends, patient satisfaction and health outcomes of the client community. We regularly update the client with these metrics and together we work to curb dental and medical expenses over time. The objective of our office is to see lower claims coupled with increased prevention and greater in-network utilization where appropriate.  We do this by bridging the communication and quality control gap that is so often found between the health services provider and plan sponsor.


Underutilization of routine dental care ultimately leads to more costly and time-consuming issues down the road. These issues can be oral or medical in nature and translate into higher overall costs. Yet, two routine dental visits each year at an off-campus location can result in high absenteeism.  When factoring in additional restorative visits the time away from work compounds even further.

When an employee chooses our premier Dent-Well office they automatically contribute to the organization’s bottom line by recapturing these lost work hours. Instead of taking the typical ½ day away from work for routine and restorative dental appointments, employees stay onsite with convenient access to exceptional services.

Furthermore, with “Presenteeism” (attending work while distracted) issues accounting for an increasing amount of lost work hours our objective is to eliminate oral discomfort as a basis for sustained losses of concentration.  Anyone with a toothache can relate to the inability to focus on the task at hand.

Recruitment & Retention

Dental has been ranked in the top 5 benefit factors weighed by employees considering job offers. What is the average cost of recruiting top talent? With no extra expense the Dent-Well dental office creates a unique benefit in the marketplace and one that has consistently returned praise and appreciation back to the employer.