Management & Reporting



Our analytics team places a special focus on custom metrics and tracking for each location. Even before the first patient is seen, we work with the client to discern what metrics need to be measured and what a successful program should look like. We do not dump mountains of data on our clients and stakeholders and expect them to analyze and interpret.  Instead, we distill the vast amount of data using clear analysis and give our client are careful observations.The result is an additional relationship that adds value to the overall strategy for population health. Also, because of our fully integrated cloud-based dental software we can analyze the office as a whole or on a patient by patient basis, if needed.


Utilization of an Dent-Well office can result in significant savings. By focusing on early detection and prevention we have the ability to track the reduction in dental and medical claims, the lowering of overall costs, as well as the annual cost trend of total healthcare plans. By operating in-network with any dental insurance, we can enhance the dental plan with lower claim rates resulting in real dollar savings every time the onsite office is utilized.  All services are structured to provide cohesive dental care that aligns both consumer and employer incentives. As access to prevention and early detection increases, the frequency of emergency claims is greatly reduced. Instead of the predictable double-digit cost trend on your dental policy, the Dent-Well program is designed to flatten these costs over time.