Oral & Systemic Health

We empower dentists to treat patients with highly convenient and high quality care. As a result of using such convenient care, the campus community can dramatically improve oral and systemic health outcomes.  With 90% of chronic diseases detected earliest from the mouth, early detection and treatment can make a significant difference in the health of the individual and the community as a whole. We work hard to support and complement the health services of our campus environments.  We also strive to foster a collaborative exchange of information and ideas across healthcare specialties.  The statistics are many and the findings are conclusive: the mouth/body connection is key to total health and wellness.  A focus on one without the other limits the ability to diagnose and treat the total health of the patient and of the entire community.

Like some of the leading providers of onsite health services, we believe that a deep knowledge in a specific area of expertise is best for the patient and institutional client.  Our expertise is in the vital yet complex world of quality and efficient dental care.  Thus, we work extremely hard to compliment and work alongside the internal or external provider teams focusing on the other health and fitness needs of the member population.