Our Services: What We do

Dent-Well ® facilitates full-service dental care programs as well as unique engagement campaigns to encourage positive health and wellness outcomes. Our clients find partnering with us adds to their overall benefits, thus driving critical population health initiatives, while lowering the cost of providing premium health services.  The structure of our programs never leaves room to doubt the stakeholder interests we strive to carefully align.

Today, we partner with a wide variety of organizations all with the same desire for high-quality, affordable, and convenient dental care. We encourage the customization of each onsite office to the specific goals of the client, however, the features below are core elements of each project:



Who we are

Dent-Well® is a distinguished accountable care and dental services organization with a long and stellar history in private dentistry practice. We now specialize in the implementation and support of world-class Dent-Well offices. Through our offices and wellness programs, we work with large groups to streamline costs, increase productivity, attract top talent, and meet wellness objectives.

Medical and dental savings

We help lower medical and dental claims within the client community through prevention and detection. We work with each client to curb the trend on increasing health plan costs by reducing emergencies and chronic conditions liked to poor dental health.

Recruitment & Retention

Dentistry and dental benefits have proven a lead factor when applicants are considering employment opportunities. The onsite dentistry platform is an amenity like no other.


Healthy and confident oral hygiene is noted as top factor for personal confidence and morale.


Recapture vital hours for every patient using the dental onsite office for routine and restorative dental care. Even greater hours are saved by preventing and treating restorative dental issues onsite that would otherwise cause lengthy and costly treatment.

Insurance Plan Design

In network and customized for fully insured or self-insured clients.

Your Cost

No cost option for the implementation and operation of the Dent-Well dental office.


Dent-Well can do everything from the procurement of equipment, support of the office, and the promotion of key wellness programs designed to encourage healthy living.


All liability is outsourced with full indemnification.

Other Features

Reduced pricing on high-quality dental procedures not covered by insurance (e.g. whitening & other cosmetic), to further encourage office utilization and community healthy living.