Our Story

THE FOUNDATION (1980’s thru 2000’s): The origins of Dent-Well® dates back to 1984 when Dr. Scott Coleman first began his private dental practice in Houston, Texas. Coleman Dental has now grown to one of the nation’s elite private dental practices. Because of this extensive track record, the Dent-Well expertise in clinical quality control and a first-class patient experience spans over three decades.

THE INCEPTION (Mid 2000’s): As Dr. Coleman guided his outstanding practice, Charles Lusk was embarking on a career on Wall Street.  While visiting one of the nation’s top corporate campuses, Charles realized that in one day he ate a gourmet meal, used an onsite dry cleaning service, exercised at the company fitness center, and visited a doctor for a checkup – all without leaving the workplace.  It was then that he reflected on one of his early career considerations – “where is the dental office?”

THE CONNECTION (Late 2000’s): While still focusing on their respective careers full-time, Scott and Charles came together to explore the need for a dedicated provider of turnkey Dent-Well offices.  They began to brainstorm on ways to “bottle the magic” found in private dental practices so that it could be enjoyed at premiere campus environments throughout America.  With soft commitments for Dent-Well services and offices under their belt, in 2011 Dent-Well® was officially launched with the nation’s first turnkey dental suite of its kind.

THE CULMINATION (Today): Instead of rushing into a tempting growth pattern, Dent-Well invested the first years of the company by perfecting the turnkey Dent-Well office model with its early adopting clients.  At the same time, an extensive study was conducted on the needs of population health stakeholders and the strong link between oral and system health.  Today, Dent-Well® stands apart as the nation’s first and leading dedicated specialist in turnkey Dent-Well wellness platforms.