Patient Solutions

Patient Services

The care team at each Dent-Well® (Dent-Well) office provides preventative, basic, and major dental care.  Dental specialties are also available including endodontic, oral surgery, and orthodontic treatment.  Unlike many dental offices, our locations incorporate best-practices in “gentle dentistry”, chronic disease detection and nutritional counseling.  Electronic medical records provide for 24/7/365 access to HIPAA compliant patient information, seamless care across specialties, and full digital imaging.  For convenience, Dent-Well also provides online appointment scheduling when requested and automated appointment reminders designed to reduce time away from work, study and life!

Morale & Self-Confidence

The improved oral hygiene of our patients and the smiles on their faces contribute to the confidence of each individual and the morale of the client community. Each member of the community we treat adds to the wellbeing and health of the client campus. With our patient-focused approach and in-network service, patients no longer have to weigh the quality and price of accessible dental practices.

Clinical expertise aside, personal assistance with individual treatment plans and comprehensive care is available around the clock. The staffing process for our offices is meticulously focused on recruiting professionals highly experienced in clinical care with a gifted chair-side manner. We strive to curb poor health choices that increase the frequency and severity of adverse health outcomes.  As a result, a culture of total health is fostered that significantly lowers the cost of current and future healthcare.