The Dent-Well Difference

TRAIL-BLAZER:  Dent-Well is the first to fully dedicate themselves to dentistry and the dental wellness office. A passion for the collective good, tireless innovation, and a breakthrough mindset runs deep within our culture as well as our clients.  While the onsite market continues to evolve and grow, we are proud of the way our innovative niche platform and expertise has shifted the status quo in care delivery models. We continue to word hard at customized solutions for our clients who seek to complete the existing onsite healthcare model.

DENTISTRY WITHOUT COMPROMISE: Are Roots are in dentistry and dentistry alone.  By virtue of our leadership’s 30 year history in private practice, our expertise in the nuances of implementing and supporting an elite dental office platform is without equal.

DENTAL OFFICES: Our primary focus remains elegant, turnkey Dent-Well offices.  We created our platform at a time when clients expressed a desire for alternatives to platforms focused on traditional, mobile or temporary dental set ups.  Dentistry is a highly personal experience and thus deserves an environment that reassures patients and optimizes the quality and range of treatment that can be provided. In addition to the state-of-the-art dental equipment, our landmark dental offices are heralded for their aesthetic and “boutique” appearance.

ACCOUNTABLE CARE: Our corporate structure is designed as an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) as opposed to the typical multi-location DSO (Dental Service Organization).  We exist to align the interests of patients, payers and providers to maximize population health outcomes.  This philosophical alignment is a key driver of our success as dedicated campus dentistry experts.

QUALITY CARE: Our care teams are trained extensively in the ideal patient experience and the necessary quality assurance that goes into sound clinical dental care.  Our proprietary framework in clinical quality control and training is considered best-in-class both within dentistry and the onsite health services space.

CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT: We focus on campus environments; thus, we consolidate our corporate team to our centralized headquarters as opposed to being spread throughout the country.  This centralization provides not only for a strong and positive culture but also a streamlined approach to serving the care teams and especially our clients.

ANALYTICS: Dent-Well is a pioneer in mining specific dentistry utilization analytics. We rigorously track the treatment outcomes and prevention analysis that clients use to better understand the total ROI of our Dent-Well services.