University Solutions

We Understand Universities

Dent-Well has established itself as a trailblazer in campus affiliated dental programs.   We developed the first Dent-Well office of its kind for a major tier-one university and we continue to lead the charge with programs in campuses across America.  This program has now distinguished itself throughout the country as a landmark model for cooperative partnerships with universities. Our experience serves as the foundation for building a solution that speaks directly to the goals, objectives and culture of major universities.  We are proud to have brought this platform to market and we are committed to the ongoing customization of these services for each client.

Specific Dental Services

The dental provider’s expertise in all forms of general dentistry has specific implications for our onsite office.  A key driver for patients using the dental office remains convenience and comprehensive care.  At the Dent-Well office our dentists provide full preventative, basic and major dental treatment.  These treatments can also include orthodontics, endodontics, oral surgery and other specialties.  Our patients can have all their dental needs met through the high quality and highly convention onsite office.

Fees & Pricing to the University

The full dental program can be implemented and operated at no cost to the University.  More specifically, the Dent-Well dental office is designed as an in-network provider with the insurance carried by the university’s faculty, staff and students.  Therefore, individuals with insurance can rest assured that it will be accepted and processed just like any other dental office.